Belfast — Templemore

Welcome to Belfast Self Defence and Jujitsu Club!

We cater for anyone interested in self defence, from absolute beginners to the more experienced. All ages of men and women –- with all levels of fitness are welcome in our club.

Our students can get one on one tuition because the club is small.  We keep it that way!

We have a great atmosphere in our club so our students learn in a fun environment while still keeping the discipline of the martial art.

We are not out to hurt each other and injuries are very uncommon.

We teach the martial art of jujitsu — both traditional and the modern aspects of this highly efficient martial art.

Our club is part of the Bushi Kempo Jujitsu Association. We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We teach both self  defence and jujitsu.  Jujitsu is a highly effective martial art system that originated in Japan.  In recent years jujitsu has become very popular and it is the sought after martial art for anyone wanting to become fluent in all possible aspects of attack as it emphasises manipulation of an attacker using minimal force by using joint manipulation and positioning to gain the advantage instead of just relying on striking and force.  We believe in training in every area of self defence as you never know what could be facing you in an attack situation.

Latest News: New Year restart — Tuesday 3rd January

Address: Templemore Fitness centre, Templemore Avenue, East Belfast, BT54FW (map)

Class times: Tuesday evenings

Seniors: 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Instructor: John Price Stephens

Telephone: 07763 710 325

Contact John Price Stephens by email:

Personal lessons: Some people prefer to learn outside of the normal class times.  If this is what you prefer then please get in contact and I will try to arrange that for you.

Stay up-to-date: If you want to be kept up-to-date with the Belfast club by email, please enter “email me” or any other comment in the Leave a Reply form, and check the “Notify me of follow-ups via email” box before clicking “Post Comment.”

  1. New Year restart — Tuesday 3rd January

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