Buxton — Bath Road

Address: Bath Road Centre, Bath Road, Buxton. The club is located under the block of flats on Bath Road, entry is through double doors.

Class times: Friday evenings:

Juniors 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Seniors 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Carl Jones (7th dan)
Phil Milner (5th dan)
Dave Webster (4th dan)
Helen Needham (3rd dan)

Contact Tel No.: Carl Jones: 07813 612 024

Contact Carl Jones by email:

Stay up-to-date: If you want to be kept up-to-date with the Buxton Bath Road club by email, please enter “email me” or any other comment in the Leave a Reply form, and check the “Notify me of follow-ups via email” box before clicking “Post Comment.”

  1. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys sorry its short notice, however it is senior grading this Sunday 13th at Buxton dojo, please remember to bring your licence, grading fee, any weapons you may need for your grading. Look forward to seeing you Helen@buxton

  2. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys just to let you know of two events.one on sunday 25th October a weapons class i.e. sword katas one and two, nunchaku, tonfa and sai( for those doing a dan grade) at buxton dojo on bath road 10am till 12noon. second but more importantly Saturday 14th November for the blackbelt dan grade at bollington dojo. 12 noon start so please make sure you have everything you need with you on the day. good luck to all Helen@buxton

  3. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys, just thought I would drop you a line and tell you there is a weapons class arranged for sunday 20th September starts at 10am til 12 noon. boken , bo staff, nunchaku, tonfa, and sai. usual mat fee, looking forward to seeing you, Helen@buxton

  4. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys, a quick hello and to let you know senior grading is on sunday 3rd may, 10am til 12 noon. usual requirements, upto date licence and grading fee, kit and any weapons required for youir belt. looking forward to seeing you, Helen@buxton

  5. helen@buxton says:

    hi all, happy new year to you, hope you are ready for 2015. I have heard that the Butokuki fellowship annual seminar is on 7th & 8th march, its a great opportunity to try other martial arts and meet folk from other clubs. stay posted for updates. Helen@buxton

  6. helen@buxton says:

    happy new year to all, hope you are now back into training and ready for2015. I have been told that the dates for the Butokuki fellowship annual seminar is 7th & 8th of march. this is a fabulous opportunity to meet folk from other clubs and experience other martial arts, try other weapons. stay tuned for further details. Helen@buxton

  7. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys, just got to say how amazing the junior black belt was, it was superb effort throughout, and I would like to congratulate all those who took part today;- Luke Wareham, Connor Arthur, Helaina Wheat, Jacob Maddock, Ryan Callaghan, Hermione Palfreyman, Dexter Woodhouse, Rose Bartels, Ryan Booth, Reece Barker, Dan Gregory, Shannon Thomson, William Morrison Chapman, Oliver Morrison Chapman, Clark Robinson, Thomas Barwell, Luke Webster Smith, Helena Dewick, Jack Borril, Thomas Borril. Well done. Helen@buxton

  8. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys I have an update on the Dan grade in November, this is now on the 9th November. please remember to bring your up to date licence, fee, and weapons. looking forward to seeing you there and good luck to all. Helen@buxton

  9. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys another weapons class has been arranged for sunday 5th October 10am till 12noon, so bring your weapons along, also seminar date has been confirmed, it will be at sneyd green stoke on trent, 30th November, 10am til 1pm. seniors will be having their kyu grading 16th November, please ensure your licences are upto date, looking forward to seeing you all Helen@buxton

  10. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys many of you who are doing a dan grade this year have requested a weapons session, which I’ve now managed to arrange for sunday 7th September at buxton dojo 10am -12noon, looking forward to seeing you there, Helen@buxton

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