Kings Mead

Address: B&J Jujitsu, Sr John Deans Leisure Centre, Kings Mead, Northwich

Class times: Saturday

Juniors: Saturday: 10.00am to 11.00am

Seniors: Saturday: 11.00am to 12.00am

Bill Clews 4th Dan
Gary Bennett 3rd Dan

Tel: 07967 383910 for more details.

Stay up-to-date: If you want to be kept up-to-date with the Kings Mead club by email, please enter “email me” or any other comment in the Leave a Reply form, and check the “Notify me of follow-ups via email” box before clicking “Post Comment.”

  1. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi guys long time no chat, I’m letting you know the seminar is 23rd February 2020, 10am start at the SOUTH MOORLAND LEISURE CENTRE, Allen street, Staffordshire ST10 1HJ. All are welcome, theres the blackbelt presentations, training sessions, and the juniors favourite ”King of the Ring”. Please bring your license to record your attendance. look forward to seeing you there.

  2. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi guys its that time of year again. Senior Black belt grading is being held at Newmills dojo Sunday 25th November 10am-1pm. Pleases ensure you bring your license and any weaponry required for your Dan grade. The address is Saint Georges Church hall, Church Lane, Newmills. Looking forward to seeing you Helen@buxton

  3. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi all, I can confirm the date and venue for the Dan grading, this will be on Saturday 25th November, at Whaley Bridge dojo, 2pm onwards. Please be there at least fifteen minutes before to register and make sure you have with you ; license, weapons and grading fee.I look forward to seeing you. Helen@buxton

  4. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys I have an update on the Dan grade in November, this is now on the 9th November, please remember to bring your up to date licence, fee and weapons. looking forward to seeing you there and good luck to all. Helen@buxton

  5. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys just got confirmation on date for this years seminar at sneyd green , stoke on trent, on 30th November, 10am till 1pm, looking forward to seeing you there, Helen@buxton

  6. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys its Helen@buxton, its been a while but I’ve got news of senior black belt, slightly earlier than last year. the date is 2nd November and the seminar is to be confirmed so I will be in touch. looking forward to seeing you there. H

  7. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys just an update on the Butokukai annual martial arts Seminar, 15th &16th March @ Sneyd Green, 10am-4pm, seniors £16 day/ £26 wknd juniors £8 day/ £12 wknd. tea, coffee, water and squash will be provided, please bring with you a light lunch. Arts to be represented – aikido, aiki jitsu, boxing, ju jitsu, karate, kung fu, katori uk and weapons. The instructors, many of whom have trained under the Japanese Masters, will be teaching their particular art.
    Brian (Skippy) Whipps kyoshi BSKA 7th dan aikido
    Billy Griffiths kyoshi BKJJA 7th dan ju jitsu
    Frank Brownsword Mokuroku shoden tenshin shoden katori Shinto ryu
    Terry Boorer renshi BKJJA 6th dan ju itsu, 3rd dan dai nippon butokukai
    Granville Steele USA renshi daishizen goju ryu, instructor cabales sarrada escrima
    Tong Liu sifu Founder and chief instructor of the Chinese kung fu organisation
    Ross Noble renshi BSKA 5th dan aiki jitsu 3rd dan aikido,3rd dan karate, black sash wing chun
    Stewart Cook renshi BSKA 5th dan karate jitsu, 5th dan karate, 1st dan aiki jitsu
    Richard Tunstall renshi 5th dan kaeshi ryu kempo ju jitsu
    Roy Smith sensei 5th dan aikido
    Mark Hassall sensei BSKA 4th dan karate
    Eduard Buzila Germany 3rd dan ju jitsu, 2nd dan all style karate, hakko ryu ju jitsu and kobudo
    Kevi Goodby sensei BKJJA ju jitsu
    Vicky MacLean reiki Master, tendai ryu reiki
    and guest instructors, students please if possible to bring their boken, jo staff and bo staff. looking forward to seeing you there Helen@buxton

  8. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys had a great day at this years seminar and dan grading, it was awesome and had great feedback, some exciting news, an event has been organised for 15th & 16th March 2014,sneyd green dojo, 10am -4pm, there will be visiting senseis from various disciplines, Granville from America, Ed from Germany, Frank, Tong Lee, Ross Noble, Skippy etc. 1 day £15 and 2 days£25,all proceeds going to charity, any queries please ask your senseis for my number, looking forward to seeing you soon. Helen@buxton

  9. hi all @ kings mead, just a quickie to let you know that a date has been set for dan grading, 25th november,@ sneyd green primary school, stoke. 10am start

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