New Mills

Address: New mills Parish Hall, Church Lane, New Mills

Class times: Tuesday evenings

Juniors: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Seniors: 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Instructors: Darren Rogers (6th Dan)

Jeroen Bartels (3rd Dan)

Nic Bunting (2nd Dan)

Polly Bartels (Junior instructor)

Tel: Darren Rogers: 07976 255 642

Stay up-to-date: If you want to be kept up-to-date with the New Mills club by email, please enter “email me” or any other comment in the Leave a Reply form, and check the “Notify me of follow-ups via email” box before clicking “Post Comment.”

  1. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi guys long time no chat, I’m letting you know the seminar is 23rd February 2020, 10am start at the SOUTH MOORLANDS LEISURE CENTRE, Allen street, Staffordshire, ST10 1HJ. All are welcome, blackbelt presentations, training sessions, and the juniors favourite ”King of the Ring”. Please bring your license to record your attendance. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  2. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi all, I can confirm the date and venue for the Dan grading, this will be on Saturday 25th November, at Whaley Bridge dojo, 2pm onwards. Please be there at least fifteen minutes before to register and make sure you have with you ; license, weapons and grading fee.I look forward to seeing you. Helen@buxton

  3. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi guys, just a quick note to let the seniors know that a grading has been arranged for Friday 21st July at Buxton dojo during adults class. Please bring your licence, fees, and any weapons needed for your grade. Look forward to seeing you Helen@buxton

  4. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi guys just a quickie to say thanks to those who attended the weapons class Saturday last, I hope you got to do your weapons of choice and enjoyed it as much as I did. Keep an eye out for a posting on The Butokuki Fellowship which will be happening soon, dates, times ,costs etc. as soon as I know will let you all know. Helen@buxton

  5. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi guys, just to let you know that there’s a weapons class @ Whaley bridge dojo, Market street, Whaley bridge, SK237AA at 2.45-4.45. We will be doing Bo staff, nunchaku, sai, tonfa, and boKen katas 1 and 2. Look forward to seeing you there Helen@buxton

  6. Helen@buxton says:

    Hi all just to let you know that the junior black belt grading is on Saturday 8th of April at Whaley bridge dojo, market street, Whaley bridge, SK237AA, starting at 1 : 45 – 3 : 45. Please make sure you have your licence, fee, and any weapons for your grading. Good luck to all on the day. Helen@buxton

  7. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys, sorry its short notice, however its senior grading at buxton dojo this Sunday 13th, 10am start, please remember to bring your licence and grading fee and any weapons you may need for your grading. look forward to seeing you Helen@buxton

  8. lewis says:

    Please may I attend class on 1 of the weekday classes?

  9. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys just to let you know of two on sunday 25th October a weapons class i.e. sword katas one and two, nunchaku, tonfa and sa(i for those doing a dan grade) at buxton dojo on bath road 10am till 12noon. second but more importantly Saturday 14th November for the blackbelt dan grade at bollington dojo. 12 noon start so please make sure you have everything you need with you on the day. good luck to all Helen@buxton

  10. helen@buxton says:

    hi guys just a quick hello and to let you know the senior grading is now 3rd may, 10am til 12noon, usual requirements upto date licence and fee plus any weapons you require for your grade. looking forward to seeing you Helen@buxton

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