Welcome to the Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu Association

Posted: December 3, 2011 by Michael Kinnaird in Information

Welcome to the official UK BKJJA website. Here you’ll be able to find news, views, info, training tips and much more. Feel free to add your comments to any post. We love hearing from you! Have a good look around for lots of juicy info and be sure to check back often for the latest news, especially when there’s gradings, events or when bad weather may cause disruption!

The Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu Association caters for everyone interested in self defence, from absolute beginner to high level black belt expert. All ages of men, women and children – with all levels of fitness – have found friendly support in our clubs.

The latest BKJJA info is in the posts below. For your local club info, please select your club page from the top menu.

To get email notification of your clubs latest news and member comments, simply leave a reply on your club page with the words “email me” or any other comment and then check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box before clicking the Post Comment button.

Best wishes,

The BKJJA sensei

Bereavement Notice

Posted: May 13, 2022 by kempowarrior in Uncategorized

It is with great sadness that i inform you of the passing of the co-founder of the BKJJA Sensei Chris Hand.

Sincere condolences to all the family

Dear Folks,

I have confirmed with Sensei Carl:
The Senior Class will be held at Cheadle Leisure Centre from next Wednesday, 16th March.
Time: 7:30 to 8:30pm.

PLEASE NOTE: The car park entrance is on Ashbourne Rd, ST10 1HF

Best regards,

Dear Folks,

I have been doing some editing on the club website.

There are a number of unanswered questions from people interested in Ju Jitsu classes.

I recommend that you login to the website as “Admin” to view the “Comments” page to check if you have missed out on any messages.

If you need any help in setting up an enquiry form on your own club page, please let me know.

(Send me an email at: “BKJJA.Assoc@gmail.com”)

Best regards,


The Village Hall Keeper has confirmed that I can re-open the club.

I only have permission for the Junior class to start.

Approval for the Senior class is pending.

Restrictions on social distancing, hand gel, etc., are still in force.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Posted: December 24, 2020 by kempowarrior in Uncategorized

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. 2020 has been one to forget, I look forward to 2021 with optimism, that we will all be back on the mat enjoying the art that we love.

Take care and stay safe