Instructors: what you can do on this BKJJA website

As a sensei, you’ll have “editor” status, which means you can keep your club page up-to-date, let your members know the latest club news and interact with your members on your own club page. You’ll also be able to post on our home page if you have news, tips, photos or videos that all BKJJA clubs would be interested in.

Getting started

Sign up for a WordPress user account here…

Then log into WordPress and click on the invite to BKJJA you received in your email inbox. You should then be able to access your BKJJA dashboard.

Here’s your regular link to your login page…

<< This link is also located on the main website side-bar, listed as “Admin Login” so you’ll always find it there for easy access.

How to edit your club’s page

Log into WordPress using your username and password.
Click on Pages > All Pages and find your clubs page.
Use the editor to make your changes.
Click Preview to check your edits and then click Update to make the changes live on the website.

How to do a new post

Posts that appear on the home page of the website are only suitable if they are of interest to all clubs.

Log in.
Click on Posts > New Post.
Use the editor to create the post.
Click Preview to check your edits and then Publish to make it live on the website

How to tell all your club members some news

Use the “Leave a Reply” form on your page to enter your news. Your members that are subscribed to your club page will get the news in their email inbox.

How your members can get email updates

Anyone who is subscribed to your page will be notified by email if someone leaves a reply on the page, whether it be an instructor or another member. All comments must be moderated however, so instructors will be able to approve or delete comments before they are made live on the page and sent by email to subscribers.

For a member to subscribe, all they need to do is Leave a Reply like “Email me,” then check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box, then click the Post Comment button.

How to add a picture to go with your website comments

Log into your dashboard. Click on Profile. On that page, you’ll be able to add/change a picture (gravatar).

“I need help”

Use the form below to get help…

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